Video Production

Video Production

•  Our nationwide alliances with Video Production and A/V companies allow us to help you record your seminars in the highest quality and most cost effective means possible.

•  Lower your costs! Because we are your partner in everything from capturing the video to marketing and filling orders, we are usually able to offer the video services at a much lower cost than you can expect to pay a local video company.

•  DVD production is available if you have existing VHS tapes that you would like to sell on the latest video media!

•  Video Editing for Content. With our all-digital, non-linear-editing (NLE) system, we can easily review your seminar content and edit accordingly. Maybe you want to get the “political talk” out of your seminars, or you invited one of those infamously vulgar presenters and would like to ‘clean him up’ a bit before distributing the recording. We can help!

•  If you, your public affairs staff or even general counsel would like to review your programs personally, we even have a process in place that will allow you to review the content of your programs and indicate to us which parts should be edited.

•  Online Streaming video is available through our servers for your use in Public Relations, advertising, instructional (non CE), political campaigns or other specialized projects. Get your message out effectively!

•  Video shot with a purpose! Shooting video that is going to be available online requires a few special tricks. Our video crews are trained to record your event with the online users’ experience in mind.

Use video to capture audio. When you use our video services, we ensure that the video is recorded with the highest quality audio possible, so that in production we can pull the audio track from the video to use for your CDs, Cassettes and other audio products. This saves you time and money and ensures consistency across all media.