Assisted Marketing

Assisted Marketing

•  The secret to marketing is information. You must know your audience and even more importantly know what types of marketing and what media they respond to.

•  Collect demographics and feedback data every chance you get! Don’t let a single contact with an customer escape without having learned something about him or her.

•  Without this data, you could be wasting thousands on your promotions!

•  Our Assisted Marketing services are part of the partnership package and will help you to (1) Understand your market and (2) maximize your profit using this information!

•  Detailed account management tools allow us to track your progress. We can chart your promotions against your sales; see what types of promos worked and what types didn’t and we graph how your audience responds to new content.

•  We constantly create fresh marketing programs specifically for your programs; for example: Volume-pricing programs to encourage your large firms to purchase content packages and Subscription options that allow customers to subscribe to all new content from a particular section or chapter.

•  Promotions planning helps ensure you are always the first content provider on your customers’ minds

•  Our graphic designs and templates let you distribute high quality promos without spending hours trying to come up with a creative ad!

Blast fax distribution, e-mail distribution, direct mail campaigns. we work with you to utilize all methods that are cost effective for the products you are selling. The bottom line is.. MARKET MORE, MAKE MORE!