Google has made this clear time and time again, by October 2017, your website must have an SSL. It’s a security certificate that lets web users know that your site is safe and secure.

It also lets the search engines know that your serious about having a secure website! This lends to your search engine presence. How do you know if your site is secure or not?

It’s simple! Sites that have http:// are not secure, and sites that start with https:// are secure! That extra “s” is the dead giveaway.  If you do not update your site, and fast, you will ultimately get penalized by Google and lose any and all search engine traffic you are currently getting!

Websites that have any sort of form fields , such as email forms, login forms, or take payments over their website, must have an SSL or they will get black listed by Google!

One of the easiest way to upgrade to a secure site is by contacting your seo services company and ask them if they can assist you. If you don’t have an seo services company, but maybe rely on a digital marketing agency , then that would be your other option. If you have zero help from agencies, you can contact your registrar, such as GoDaddy or namecheap (wherever you registered your site) and have them assist you.


A New World of Possibilities
New media technologies mean a new world of possibilities- for your audience and for your organization.

DVDs, Webcasts, Podcasting and Online Streaming Programs create fantastic opportunities for your customers to educate themselves just about anytime or anywhere- and for your organization to offer more content to a wider audience, and with much less effort.